Kendra Dandy

Based in Philadelphia, Kendra Dandy (b.1987) is a multidisciplinary artist known for creating colorful illustrations, cheeky, smile-inducing patterns and bold art featuring a variety of whimsical characters. Using familiar icons mixed with bold colors and patterns, she creates her own unique world that commands attention. Experimentation is at the forefront of Kendra’s creative practice and she fully believes in embracing imperfections, playing with odd combinations and using recurring themes in her work. Rotating between painting, printmaking and digital illustration on the iPad allows her versatility and freedom with mixing colors, ideas and forms.

Kendra’s unique creations have been sought after by top brands such as Marc Jacobs Fragrances, NYX Cosmetics, Anthropologie and Vans for collaborations spanning the categories of beauty, lifestyle, apparel and home decor. Drawing inspiration from all things vintage, nature, beauty, post impressionist art and her own moods, her genuine love for artistic playfulness shines through whether on a canvas or a perfectly designed product.

Last updated: Nov 27, 2023