Shakira Hunt

Shakira Hunt is a multi-disciplinary artist and branding photographer based in Philadelphia, PA. With her Interior Design & Architecture Experience [BFA in Interior Design], Shakira owns and operates Shakira Hunt Creative Studio. SHCS provides creative services including digital content creation for businesses + creative entrepreneurs. During the pandemic, Shakira Hunt developed a photography series titled “Give Me My Flowers” a fine arts project exploring Black men’s exploration with masculine & feminine energies. The work has been featured in 2 solo exhibitions/installations as well as a large-scale installation at Essence Fest in Collaboration with Planned Parenthood in 2022, where she revealed the next segment of work “Soft Petals”, an exploration of the mother-wound. In the last year, Shakira has continued to document and develop the series, expand her work into the public art sector as an experiential curator, and strives to continue to build community and connection through her work.

Last updated: Nov 27, 2023