Apply for a Mural

Thank you for your interest in the Mural Arts Application process. The public mural application allows Philadelphia community members to propose a mural theme or idea.

If you are an artist interested in working with Mural Arts, please visit our “For Artists” webpage to connect with our Artist Relations Department.

Please see our Wall Database submission form to submit walls or sites for potential projects. This is recommended for property owners that are open to many mural concepts. Mural Arts will confirm property owners’ approval of the final design before the artwork is installed.

Mural Application

Mural Idea Application 

We’re looking for great ideas to collaborate with neighborhoods and artists!

Our community-driven mural-making process is open to everyone. It builds on Mural Arts’ vision for a more equitable and inclusive Philadelphia. In addition to beautifying our neighborhoods, participatory public art fosters a sense of belonging and empowers communities to tell their own stories. We are looking for ideas that celebrate the diversity of our city and connect people through art.

You or your community group can submit your mural ideas by following the link above! Please review our mission statement and the application guidelines on the online form before starting your application to better understand the types of projects we support. Mural Arts has a finite number of resources and therefore cannot advance every worthy project. The Project Management Office will be in touch to notify you of your application’s status within 90 days of submission.


How to Apply 

Fill out the online form! If you need assistance or a paper application, please contact the Mural Arts Philadelphia Project Management Office at

You can fill out the application at any time. Mural Arts staff reviews mural applications on a rolling basis. Please allow up to 90 days from submission for a response from the Project Management Office.

Virtual Open House: Create a Strong Application 

Meet our Community Murals team in this virtual Open House. Here you will learn how to create a compelling mural application and what makes a wall perfect for a mural.

Wall Submissions for Potential Projects 

Do you own or know of a great wall and want to beautify your neighborhood? Please fill out this form, and we’ll include your location in our database of potential mural sites. We will be in contact if your wall is a potential match with a mural project.

Wall Submissions for Potential Projects