Provider Sites

Every two years, Porch Light partners with two mental health or behavioral health providers in the city to provide art programming with participants. This partnership results in two murals with each site. The mural projects highlight community resilience as well as personal healing.

The process with provider sites includes building a team of artists, service providers, program participants, community members and city-wide stakeholders to collaborate on a transformative public art project. The program strives to catalyze positive changes in the community, improve the physical environment, create opportunities for social connectedness, develop skills to enhance resilience and recovery, promote community and social inclusion, increase access to services, shed light on challenges faced by those with behavioral health issues and reduce stigma and encourage empathy.

Currently, the Porch Light program provider site partner is COMHAR.

Past partners include:

  • Veterans Empowerment Center
  • The Kirkbride Center
  • North Philadelphia Health Systems
  • Children’s Crisis Treatment Center
  • Broad Street Ministry
  • Lutheran Children and Family Service
  • 11th Street Family Services of Drexel University
  • Sobriety Through Out-Patient (S.T.O.P.)
  • Asociacion Puertorriquenos en Marcha (APM)
  • RHD Morris Home
  • Horizon House Susquehanna Park
  • Einstein LTSR