Photography Apprenticeship

About the Photography Apprenticeship 

Each year, Mural Arts facilitates the creation of roughly 100 works of public art. Photo documentation of  related programming and events is required for most of these projects.  Mural Arts offers a paid Photography Apprenticeship (PA) to assist with this work.

Under the supervision and instruction of that Staff Photographer, the PA team works as lead or second shooter on project based events and programming. While the majority of the work is event related, there are also opportunities for editorial, portrait, and other types of photography.

Instruction is built into the position, and work is reviewed regularly. The PA is targeted to photography students or advanced amateurs looking to take the next step, and gain real world shooting experience. The program offers the opportunity to shoot a variety of subjects for a wide range of audiences. Events are mainly after traditional work hours, and most PA’s work or go go school full-time while completing the program.


Steve Weinik

Staff Photographer

An interview with Mural Arts Philadelphia Staff Photographer, Steve Weinik.

What are the Hours? 

This is an assignment driven position, and does not have regular hours. A busy month may require a 10 – 15 hour commitment. Events often take place weekends and evenings, in all parts of the city, and reliable transportation, or access to it is strongly recommended.

The term of the PA program is variable, and tailored for each individual. For most photographers, the ultimate goal is to strengthen skills and confidence to a point that reaches beyond the opportunities and pay scale offered. An average term is 6 months to a year.


Shepard Fairey visits the midnight installation of Michelle Angela Ortiz's Familias Separadas stencil-mural at 9th and Washington in South Philadelphia. Photo by Photo Apprentice Rohaan Malhorta.

Is the Position Paid? 

Once an on-boarding, and training is complete, event assignments are paid using the following scale:

$50 for the first hour of an event
$25 for each additional hour

Opportunities outside of event work are also available, but may not be paid. This includes artwork documentation, studio, editorial, product photography, and more. These unpaid opportunities are encouraged, but not required.

Parts Per Million by Benjamin Volta. Photo by Steve Weinik.

How Will My Photos Be Used? 

Your photos will be used to promote Mural Arts in print and on our website. Third party use includes editorial (print and online media) and your photos may be shared with project partners and funders for non-commercial use.

You will retain copyright on all of your work.

How do I Apply? 

To apply, please send a resume, brief cover letter, equipment list, and 8 – 10 relevant work samples (or a link to an online gallery) to